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Published: May 5, 2020

Publisher: National Geographic Children’s Books


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With eleven different categories and over 500 amazing photos, there is something in this almanac for everyone. I always learn something when I look through these books and the kids love these books as well.

Right away in the Your World section, I found a listing of upcoming movies for 2021. Obviously, due to COVID, these could be subject to change. But, I was thrilled to see “Mary Poppins 3” and a live action “Little Mermaid” in the works. I also always find the newly discovered animals so fascinating. Two new birds have been discovered in Indonesia, a new fish off the coast of Zanzibar, eleven species of rain frogs in Ecuador, and a rare Orangutan in Sumatra. Obviously, none of these new animals are close to here, but I still find it fascinating that new species are being identified.

Other sections like the Space and Earth section offers a cool Sky Calendar for 2021 for all those who love super moons and meteor showers. Mark April 26 for a Super Moon and August 22 for a Blue Moon if you are interested! I also find it so fascinating that the ISS circles the Earth every 90 minutes.

Kids will love the Fun and Games section full of jokes, quizzes, games, and fill-ins. Really, I could rave about so many facts from every single section of this book. There is always something that I learn on every single page and the best part for kids is that these facts and information are given in small bites that keep kids interested and turning the pages. Obviously, the book is full of amazing photography and illustrations.

We can think about 2020 being a rough year, or we can travel through the pages of this Almanac and realize all the amazing things that are happening in our world. I prefer the latter.

To purchase a copy of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS ALMANAC 2021, click the photo below:

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