Prayers of Blessing Over My Adult Children


By: Bruce Wilkinson and Heather Hair

Published: July 7, 2020

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


As I have now entered the world of parents of adult children, I have been searching for resources to help me with the transition. I’m new to it, and frankly, I don’t always do that type of parenting very well. Our sons are 20 and 19 (in 10 days) and I’ve been trying to let go and let them learn on their own. But, it isn’t easy.

One thing I can always do for them is to pray for them. But, my prayers may sound a bit different than they did while they were living in our house. It’s natural for parents to want to fix our children’s problems and continue to do things for them. But, responsible parents of adult children should be more hands-off, letting them figure things out, and waiting for them to come to us for help when needed. I’ll say that my husband is much better at this than I am.

This book is not for the average parent seeking guidance on praying for their adult children, but instead, more for those parents whose children may have taken a wrong path…even if, as parents, we feel like we did everything right. As the book says, “Godly parents do not guarantee godly offspring, and ungodly parents do not guarantee ungodly offspring.” I can’t say it is only for those parents because I did get some benefit and comfort from reading this book, but the majority of the prayers and guidance provided are if you are struggling with the choices your adult child is making and even more importantly, your reaction to it.

Each section offers a situation you may be struggling with, such as, “I’m Responsible for My Adult Child’s Choices and Lifestyle”. Then several prayers are given along with a Bible verse to reference. After the prayer, there is space for you to journal your notes, your specific prayer needs, and any answered prayers. You can choose to read a different prayer every day or read the same one, whatever your situation warrants. I specifically liked this part of one of the prayers:

Each person is held accountable for their own actions and decisions. Help me to stop feeling and believing that I am responsible for my adult children’s decisions and actions. Help me to stop fearing their next move or their next wrong choice. Set me free from dread. Break the chain of guilt.

Even though there are sixty-five guided prayers in this book, all the prayers may not apply to your situation, there were several that I took great comfort in and am glad I took the time to sit with this book and pray purposely over our children with the prayers given in the book. Are my children on the “wrong path”? No. Have they made some poor choices? Of course. This book offered me a way to let go of my anxieties about their choices and gave me a calm feeling while also helping me feel like I was intervening on their behalf without REALLY intervening.

Bruce Wilkinson is an international ministry leader, in-demand speaker, and award-winning author of more than 75 books with two New York Times #1 bestsellers. He is the founder of Teach Every Nation as well as Walk Thru the Bible, one of the largest religious seminar organizations in the world. Bruce and his wife, Darlene, have 3 children and 10 grandchildren. For more check out his website, HERE.

Heather Hair is a seasoned collaborative writer of over 60 books, booklets, Bible studies, and devotionals. She is the Director of Development for the popular Christian broadcast ministry The Urban Alternative founded by Dr. Tony Evans. Prior to her current role, she served as a missionary in Kenya for seven years. Heather and her husband, Jack, make their home in Dallas and combined they have six adult children and a blessed number of grandchildren.

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