By: Megan Pighetti

Illustrated by: Tamara Piper

Published: March 26, 2020

Publisher: Megan Pighetti


What kinds of birthday traditions do you having in your home? Do you make a cake together? Do you go out for ice cream? Is there breakfast in bed? Do you decorate their room in balloons and streamers? Or do you trail toilet paper up and down all over and around their room?

The author is sharing her own tradition of a fairy-tailed wish with children and families everywhere to inspire a fairy-tailed movement of sorts in celebration of birthdays. Bri is tucked into bed and asleep the night before her birthday. Susie, Dax, and Lily have been assigned to fairy-tale Bri’s room for her birthday and the mission has to go off without a hitch.

Susie, Dax, and Lily, the tiniest of fairies, use their wits and strength to sneak into Bri’s room and decorate her room from top to bottom with toilet paper. Of course there are all kinds of obstacles, door knobs, towers of blocks, toys, and stuffed animals, but they get the job done. When a tower of blocks tumbles over, Susie, Dax, and Lily barely escape before Bri wakes up to her surprise. Susie was lucky enough to watch Bri’s face for a moment before she quickly escaped. Then it was Bri’s job to decide how she would get out of bed. Will she be ninja-like leaping over strips of toilet paper or dance like a ballerina over and under the strips?

On the eve of a birthday, a child just has to make a wish to be fairy-tailed and the next morning, they will open their eyes in wonder about the fairies tricks overnight.

You’ve made your wish; we’re on our way

Zoom through the night for your birthday.

Up and down in your room, we’ll sail

Over and under, till you’re Fairy-Tailed.

Megan Pighetti – FAIRY-TAILED WISH

The end of the book shares photos of real-life kids who’ve been fairy-tailed and the opportunity to submit your own photos. Even in times like these, where toilet paper may be hard to come by, the author encourages families to be responsible and reuse their fairy-tails.

If you are looking to start a new birthday tradition in your house, start your own fairy-tailed tradition and read this book on their birthday eve and have your child make their very own birthday wish. I’m all for easy, low cost, and memorable birthday surprises and this one offers a really fun way to celebrate the most special day of the year.

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Megan Pighetti is an indie author with her debut title FAIRY-TAILED WISH. Megan lives in Colorado with her husband and two daughters. She is a graduate of Colorado State University. Check out her website, HERE.

Tamara Piper resides in Serbia and has illustrated multiple children’s picture books. She has a background in fashion design, which is evident in Suzie, Lily, and Dax’s uniform design. Tamara has an incredible talent to convey the little details of each character. Because of her love for children, she has beautiful illustrations of fantastic stories. See more of her illustrated books, HERE.

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