By: Ana Gallo

Illustrated by: Katherine Quinn

Published: March 19, 2020

Publisher: Prestel Junior


I think a pet says a lot about the human that chose them. Our family has always had cats and we are known to be “cat people”. It isn’t that we aren’t “dog people” we just don’t have one. In this book, written for elementary readers, a two-paged spread shares an illustration of the famous person, their pet, and four or five paragraphs about the pet and the famous person.

Author Virginia Woolf realized as a child that she loved writing and dogs. She adopted a boxer dog, a terrier mix, and finally at the age of 45, she received a pedigree cocker spaniel as a gift named Pinka. Pinka offered Woolf lots of love and helped lift her spirits during her saddest days. She even used Pinka as inspiration in some of her writings. Virginia Woolf was so saddened by Pinka’s sudden death, she noted that part of her died with Pinka. Woolf died six years later and her ashes were also buried with Pinka.

Fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld never did anything ordinary. Over Christmas 2011, he was supposed to care for a white Burmese cat named Choupette, but the two became inseparable. Choupette had a diamond collar, she ate at the table with Karl, and even had her own assistant. She eventually became her own star through photo sessions and fashion shows. She even has her own Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Dogs and cats are expected pets, but there are several that were quite surprising including a fawn, several birds, and crocodiles. Quinn’s colored pencil-like portrait illustrations are spitting images of the famous humans and their pets.

Kids who like to learn interesting facts or love their own pets would like reading this book. The stories are entertaining and will help kids learn and remember important facts about these famous people (several that I didn’t even know about) and tie them to their famous pet.

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