By: Kimmery Martin

Published: February 18, 2020

Publisher: Berkley


Kimmery Martin is an ER Doctor in real life and a darn good author as well. This is her second novel set in the medical world. In her first novel, THE QUEEN OF HEARTS, two doctor friends have someone from their past college days come back and threaten to unearth a long-held secret. It isn’t often that sophomore novels are better than a first, but I thought Martin’s newest was a page-turner. Think Grey’s Anatomy in book form!

Georgia Brown, a urologist, and her best friend Jonah, a family medicine doctor work for the same health care group. Jonah is a gay doctor who has a number of transgender patients that he cares for in his practice. When the clinic tries to force these particular patients to leave the clinic and fire Jonah, Georgia comes up with a plan to save Jonah even if it may cost her everything.

This book deals with hot button issues in the news today, but at the core is the message that all people should be able to receive proper medical care no matter their gender identity. The clinics, the doctors in the story, and the patients all have valid complaints and reasons to fight for their cause. But, when accusations of missing drugs and improper handling of patients are alleged, the media, the clinic staff, and the community begin to come back and fight for Jonah and his job.

Martin obviously knows how to write medical stories to keep readers interested in the procedures….especially a female urologist…lots of cliche jokes to be had. Plus, she has the “how to write a cliff hanger at the end of a chapter” down pat. There were numerous times I was just going to read one more chapter until I had read several more because I had to know what was going to happen next.

“Sometimes there’s no antidote for what’s wrong.”

“There’s an antidote for everything. Sometimes you just have to figure out what it is.”

Kimmery Martin – THE ANTIDOTE FOR EVERYTHING page 193

Of course, what good is a story without a romance weaving it’s way through it. Georgia meets Mark on her flight to a conference under interesting circumstances and soon their chance meeting propels them into a whirlwind romance. I appreciate that Martin doesn’t fill her pages with details of their bedroom escapades, but instead, leaves that to the imagination and sticks to what is the meat of the story….the case against her best friend and his medical career and her devotion to their friendship.

Georgia and Jonah’s friendship is the kind of relationship that we all hope to have. With both of them not having a family to support them, their friendship became a vital relationship in their lives. They put each other first and supported each other through every situation they came across. Which is why Georgia was willing to put everything on the line to save Jonah’s career.

This novel has friendship, romance, and a bit of a mystery to keep readers turning the pages. For fiction fans that love reading stories ripped from the headlines, Kimmery Martin’s smart and witty novel is one you should definitely pick up!

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