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By: Rotraut Susanne Berner

Published: October 22, 2019

Publisher: Prestel Junior

Non-Fiction/Seek and Find/Activity Books

This is one of those books that kids can look at again and again and make up all kinds of stories about the people inside the book. There are no words in the book except for the ones on the back cover. For instance, Bonnie the cat takes a tour through town, so kids can look for Bonnie on each page-spread. Or Petra is a bookworm, so they can look for Petra reading a book on the pages.

This is a search-and-find book reminiscent of the BUSY TOWN books by Richard Scarry that I grew up with or the WHERE’S WALDO books our kids grew up with. There is so much to see on every page. Parents can have kids find something new nearly every time they look at the book.

The scenes start out with people bundled up for the cold weather but, the grass is still green. Then by the third page, the snowflakes start to appear. The illustrations are well done and the intricate details are fun for parents to notice and then have your child find. Of course, I loved looking for Bonnie the cat on each page.

Do you see Bonnie the cat?

Beyond the search-and-find part of the book, there are also ways for kids to use their imagination. Kids can choose a character in the pictures and make up a story about what they are doing in Bustletown. They could also make up a story for each page based on the scene.

Kids will see characters baking, reading, shopping, walking, skating, and working at their jobs. They can look for various animals, a Christmas tree, a clock, or even a parrot. There is plenty to keep them looking at the pages.

This is the kind of book I bought for our kids to keep them busy during car rides or when they needed a quiet activity like a waiting room or church. The book is kind of big though, bigger than a normal-sized book and it is board book style with heavier pages. So, it isn’t ideal for taking everywhere, but it’s one you could tuck in the backseat pocket in your vehicle and take out whenever you are stuck in traffic or driving for a while.

Rotraut Susanne Berner is a German graphic designer and illustrator.
She is well known for a series of popular children’s books, called WIMMEL books, which have attained a worldwide circulation of close to 500,000 copies in fifteen countries. Working as a freelance illustrator, she has focused on books for children and young adults, illustrating more than 80 such books and designing over 800 book covers.

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