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By: Terri Nekvinda

Published: 2016



Pepper is a porcupine and in his first book, he is an unhappy porcupine. Pepper is awake in the dark and due to his spines, no one wants to play with him. He is also slow and can’t keep up with the other animals in the forest and always seems to come in last in any race. When his mom sends him out to play he tries to make friends with the possums, the frogs, and the raccoons but instead just gets made fun of. Then Pepper is faced with a situation that forces him to realize what he dislikes about himself is really an asset.

When Pepper returns home, he remembers his mom’s important lesson about his uniqueness and is reminded that he is special in God’s eyes and his unique traits can be useful. He also is excited that he has a whole new group of friends to play with.

Pepper just wants to be liked and is frustrated because he can’t play as the other animals do. A lot of kids will be able to relate to his frustrations.  Nekvinda uses her faith as well as experiences both as a parent and former teacher to offer advice and life lessons to Pepper to help him see the good in himself.



By: Terri Nekvinda

Published: 2017



This book follows up from the story in PEPPER’S DELIGHTFUL DISCOVERY when Pepper comes home after a scary night in the forest and making new friends. Pepper is a very curious porcupine and asks his mom lots of questions about carnivores and herbivores while they are out for the evening. Then Pepper has an idea. He’d like to have a party and invite his new friends but he is afraid that the other animals won’t come. His mom encourages him to get to know the other animals since Pepper ran off last time before they had a chance to get to know him.

Pepper goes back out in the forest and reacquaints himself with the animals and decides they are all pretty nice. Pepper learns a lesson on forgiveness and comes home happy that he has a whole new group of friends to play with every evening. He also now has a party to plan.


Both of these stories include life lessons and a connection to prayer and faith. The illustrations are adorable and Pepper is probably the cutest porcupine I’ve ever seen. Pepper is like most children, curious and wary of new friendships. These books encourage kids that making friends can be scary, but also rewarding. They also feature a positive relationship between a single mother and her child. Since the second book ends with a party yet to be planned, I hope there are future books to continue the story of Pepper and his friends.


Terri Nekvinda

Terri Nekvinda


Terri and her husband Bill Nekvinda have been married for 48 years. They are the proud parents of three grown sons, three lovely daughters-in-law, and have been blessed with four grandchildren. Terri lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She is a retired elementary teacher having taught third-sixth grade. Fifth grade was her favorite grade to teach. Being retired gives her time to write and enjoy being a guest teacher in her grandchildren’s classrooms. Terri enjoys spending quiet time with the Lord in the early morning hours, spending time with family and friends, singing, reading, and writing. Bill and Terri enjoy traveling, camping, four-wheeling, old cars, pickleball, and “Walk to Emmaus” activities.

I met Terri while subbing in our school district and am thrilled to share her books with you. If you’d like to purchase any of her books or her companion coloring books, check them out HERE.   You can also email Terri to order books at ttfctoday AT gmail DOT com.


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