Thankfully I have friends in high places and my new BFF Aric got me all taken care of. It must be something with Photobucket because I noticed several blogs had issues. I’m so thankful that it is fixed and my blog looks cleaner. This has only pushed me to move to WordPress, so that will be happening soon! I can’t wait!

I’m not sure what is going on with my blog, but it obviously has something to do with the person who created my site and how she set things up with PhotoBucket. 

I’m working to get things fixed and may start over on WordPress if I can find the right person to create things for me.

I’ll still be posting content because I have good stuff to post, but it may take time for me to get it all figured out because the person who created my site can’t be found. 

So, ignore the weird clocks and I hope to have it all shipshape soon!


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