By: Lisa M. Gerry

Published: March 14, 2017

Publisher: National Geographic Kids


Do you want to let you kids know that they are more jobs than just the ones we hear about every day? Instead of just telling them about being a nurse, teacher, farmer, banker, construction worker, police officer, pastor, or gardener…there is so much more that they can do. From the wacky job of a Professional Pusher (seriously!) to an Adventure Guide, Recipe Tester, Publicist, or Crossword Puzzle Writer, you child can find something to dream about and achieve.

I even have a teenager who has no idea what he wants to do and this book gave him some ideas. Each job title offers a brief description of what the job entails. Like the Professional Pusher is someone in Japan who works for the transit system and “pushes” people onto the crowded trains during rush hour to make sure limbs and clothing aren’t stuck in the doors. For real! There are photos to go along with every job too. Did you know you can be a professional Mermaid? I actually know someone whose niece is one! There is a page devoted to being a mermaid that puts on shows. There is a page devoted to being an Orchestra Musician (hint, hint to my kids!) and if you don’t mind standing in line you could be a Professional Line Waiter!

This small book is a fun way to start a conversation with your kids about the various opportunities that await them in their future. The world is theirs to grasp and they can be whatever they want to be!

Explore, Discover, and Create Your Own Adventures with Real National Geographic Explorers

By: Nancy Honovich

Published: March 14, 2017

Publisher: National Geographic Kids


Is your child adventurist and not afraid of anything? Then they may want to check out all the different ways they can become an Ultimate Explorer. By traveling through land, sea, and sky your kids can follow National Geographic Explorers on their travels. Various explorers are interviewed throughout the sections and share some of their backgrounds and unusual experiences. Gorgeous photography throughout the book get kids interested in the places visited by the explorers. 

The book also offers activities for kids to do such as building a worm castle, creating an ancestry journal, cracking the code, starting a rock collection, as well as other experiments.  

I think the “Meet and Explorer” sections were the most interesting and am fascinated by the various jobs out there that bring us new information about our world all the time. 

This is a really great book for the curious and adventurous child…and adult!

Discovering Dinosaurs with Dr. Scott

By: Scott D Sampson, Ph.D.

Published: April 4, 2017

Publisher: National Geographic Kids


Any dinosaur-loving child will be enthralled with this book. This book caters to the elementary-aged kids who really love dinosaurs but offers them a background about studying dinosaurs. 

The book begins with explaining paleontology and fossils and then focuses a bit on various dinosaurs. It ends with explaining how kids can become a paleontologist some day by focusing on science in school, being in nature, and working on your exploring skills. It’s a short and brief overview to get your youngest kids excited about how to study dinosaurs. There are great photos that show paleontologists at work and how they piece together the fossils they find and what they do with them.

All three of these books offer an excellent overview of careers your kids can think about. You never know what will spark their interest and these books may just offer that one thing they can get excited about. No matter what, these books offer lots of opportunity for learning, especially during the summer break! These are fun books with lots of facts and your kids won’t even realize they are learning while reading! 

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