Book II

By: Richard J. Gausselin

Published: November 14, 2015

Publisher: Outskirts Press


Santa has returned to the North Pole after another successful Christmas Eve trip around the world delivering gifts to all the boys and girls. He couldn’t have done it all without the help of his trusty elves and the Grandmas and Grandpas that fly in to help Santa get all the toys made.  He has a saying that is important to him “Toys are to be made with hands and heart” and had to get the Grandmas and Grandpas to help him meet the needs of all the boys and girls in his first story. See my review, HERE.

In Book II, the elves and Santa realize kids want more electronic gadgets and gizmos and Santa’s workshop is going to need “THEM” or what Santa calls Thoughtless, Heartless, Emotionless Machines. He hates to admit it, but there is no way the elves can produce electronic gadgets the kids want without machines. So, he and the elves take off to Argentina for a machine show to purchase the machines. After returning, Santa runs into some serious trouble and calls in the Grandmas and Grandpas, hoping they can save Christmas yet again!

Much like Book I, this is a book with short chapters and one you could read over a couple of nights with your child. The illustrations are excellent and give kids a lot to look at. The story also has some grown-up humor to keep the parents entertained as well.

This story has a wonderful lesson on helping others, working together as a team and that sometimes change is okay. This is a story to get kids excited about the magic of Santa and Christmas Eve.

Book III

By: Richard J. Gausselin

Published: June 2, 2016

Publisher: Xlibris


In the 3rd edition of Gausselin’s children’s Christmas series, a natural tragedy strikes the North Pole and Santa doesn’t think there is any way for them to recover and still make the toys on time for Christmas Eve. But, thankfully the Grandmas and the Grandpas are willing and able to make the trip North to help Santa and the elves bring Christmas to all the children around the world.

Just like in the other books, there is a lesson for the readers, this time focusing on overcoming tragedy and eating healthy. Of course, there is the ongoing lesson of coming together as a team to help each other.

This story is a bit longer than the other two books and again is one read to younger children over a few nights or one for older children to read to themselves. The colorful and detailed illustrations will keep kids interested and get them excited about what is happening at the North Pole.

Gausselin has created a fun series of books for families to share with their children over Christmas….especially for grandparents to share with their grandchildren.  

Richard J. Gausselin’s books are inspired by his childhood Christmases of the 1940s and ’50s when toys were “made with hands and hearts.” As a father of six and grandfather to thirteen, he has enjoyed reading ’TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS on Christmas Eve for over fifty years. He hopes adults and children will enjoy HOW THE GRANDMAS AND GRANDPAS SAVED CHRISTMAS (Books I, II, and III) and make them part of their holiday tradition. For more on his books, visit his website, HERE

To purchase a copy of HOW THE GRANDMAS AND GRANDPAS SAVED CHRISTMAS Book I, Book II, and Book III, click the photos below:

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