THE 4 x 4 DIET
4 Key Foods, 4-Minute Workouts, Four Weeks to the Body You Want

By: Erin Oprea

Published: February 2, 2016

Publisher: Harmony


I think I first heard about this book on Instagram with a few people I follow, including Carrie Underwood, the American Idol turned Country Music Star. The concept interested me and so I ordered it when it became available and read it right away, which is a rare thing. Unfortunately, it has taken me several months to write the review for it and now I almost need to read it again. Even though I haven’t started any of the plans or ideas presented in the book, I really liked the philosophy behind it.

Oprea is a celebrity trainer, including the trainer for Carrie Underwood who wrote the Foreward to the book. Oprea’s motto is “lean and clean” and her program offers the secrets to eating clean and getting lean through her Tabata workouts. She states that by following her plan, you’ll have less bloating, increased muscle definition, improved cardiovascular performance, and a boosted metabolism.  These are all things I am interested in and are what drew me to her plan. But, I have to admit, I haven’t started her plan….yet. I have tried a couple of her recipes and workouts, but nothing as far as a plan goes.

What I really appreciated about Oprea’s book is her explanations. She doesn’t just tell you to cut down on sodium, but WHY you should. Oprea states that eating excess sodium causes our body to retain more water, which leaves to bloating and looking puffy. Then she goes on to explain the difference between salt-free, reduced sodium, and no salt added so you can understand the labels that food makers try to trick you with. She lists out foods high in sodium and how to ration out your sodium throughout the day.

A good thirty plus pages offer recipes and food suggestions with the end of the book giving you a week by week look at food and exercises to take you through the four-week plan. When I first heard about the book, I had no idea what a Tabata exercise was. Tabata is a four-minute workout that is broken down into eight rounds of intense exercise for twenty seconds with ten seconds of rest. That sounds pretty doable. The best part is Oprea explains every exercise she suggests…..with photos. I am exercise-illiterate and so when someone says “mountain climbers” or “windmills”, I want to know how to do that exercise properly. I also like the variety of exercises she offers so that you never get bored and your muscles don’t get used to doing the same thing all the time.

I am really thrilled with Oprea’s simple approach to getting healthy and lean through easy recipes and real food choices along with short bursts of exercise. This is a book I purchased for my own enjoyment and one I will be keeping to refer to over time.

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For more on Erin Oprea, check out her website, HERE.

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