Adding flaxseed to your diet is an easy way to add fiber and omega-3 without taking pills. Flaxseed is a full-powered nutrient that adds benefits without changing the texture or taste of your food.
Viva Labs Organic Ground Flaxseed boosts heart health as well as digestion. These seeds are finely ground to the softest grade making for easier digestion and added fiber. Each serving offers 3g of dietary fiber. When added to food, this fiber boost will help you feel fuller longer. This flaxseed is certified organic and non-GMO. It is allergen friendly and grown by specially selected Canadian farmers to guarantee quality. 
There are many ways to easily add flaxseed to your diet without any noticeable change in taste or texture. For example:
  • Add Flaxseed to your baking – breads, cookies, muffins
  • Add Flaxseed to your smoothies
  • Add Flaxseed to your oatmeal
  • Sprinkle Flaxseed on top of your morning cereal
  • Sprinkle Flaxseed on your salads
  • Add Flaxseed to your pancake or waffle mix
  • Sprinkle Flaxseed on your yogurt

I’m sure that you could even think of more ways to add Flaxseed to your diet. I don’t like adding more pills to my morning vitamins, so rather than taking a flaxseed oil vitamin, this is a much easier way to add Flaxseed to my diet along with the many benefits.

When I make up my smoothie bags for the freezer, I add a scoop of Flaxseed to each one. I have also frequently added it to pancakes, muffins, and banana bread. The kids have no idea I have added it and they are getting all the great nutrients Flaxseed offers. You don’t need any special recipe, you can just add it to your regular recipe for banana bread, muffins, etc and you won’t notice any difference.

To maintain the benefits of Flaxseed, I keep mine in the refrigerator after opening. It can also be kept in the freezer.

I have tried many Viva Lab products and I have been very impressed with the importance they place on high-quality, organic items. To see more of their great product line, click HERE.

To purchase Viva Labs Organic Ground Flaxseed, click the photo below:

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