This is a great time of year to start Amazon Prime. You can get free, 2-Day shipping on THOUSANDS of items AND have access to TONS of free books, music, movies and TV shows.  I rewatched Downton Abbey to prepare for the new season that started Sunday. Our daughter loves catching up on her favorite shows. I love playing some of my favorite music while working away and my husband loves catching up on movies he missed when our kids were little and we were too exhausted to watch movies.

I also use Amazon Prime Pantry to get shelf-stable food and household products at a reduced price. Fill up your box with items you need and “BAM” it all appears on your doorstep…no waiting in lines, pushing a shopping a cart, or dealing with pajama-pant-wearing customers because you can be in your pajamas while doing your shopping and no one has to see you!

Click the above link to start your FREE 30-Day Trial. If you do, I may get a commission, but even if I didn’t I would tell you to get it. It’s a life-saver, time-saver, and money-saver for our family. Shopping and show-watching are So. Much. Easier. with Amazon Prime!

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