Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side

By: Dana Perino

Published: April 21, 2015

Publisher: Twelve


Dana Perino is far from her Wyoming roots, but not far from the values of hard work and respect that she learned growing up.  Life really took off for her when she began living in Washington DC and eventually became President George W. Bush’s Press Secretary. She now lives in New York City as a regular Fox News Contributor, appearing daily on Fox’s The Five.

Perino begins by sharing about her idyllic life growing up on a ranch in Wyoming and then in Colorado. Her love for her family shows through her descriptions of the land they worked and their strong work ethic. Her times spent with her father reading newspapers, watching the news and discussing the stories and  their ramifications truly prepared her for the future.

The romantic in you will swoon over her chance meeting with her now husband. Through numerous odds against them, they have definitely found true love. If you know Dana at all, you will also know about her great love for their Vizlsa dogs, Henry and Jasper. You can frequently find Jasper making an appearance on Fox News.

No matter your political affiliation, you will appreciate Perino’s stories of “43” and life in the White House. You will laugh, cry, and gain a great respect for the job of President. Perino shares many personal stories with delicacy and humor. Her devotion and gratefulness towards the Bush family is present on every page.

Perino spends time sharing personal tidbits about each of her co-hosts from Fox. You will be surprised that one of them had to save another co-workers life right in front of them at a dinner. Even though they may not all agree politically, there is definitely a great respect and love for each other.

Perino strives to find the good in everything, which is where the title of her book comes from. She likes finding the good news of the day and sharing it at the end of the show. Throughout the book, she shares life lessons and pieces of news that reminds all of us that there is still goodness in the world. Her book is perfect for new graduates, job seekers, and frankly, anyone in the work force. The lessons she has learned from her grandparents to politicians to numerous presidents and the press corp are all ones that can keep you optimistic about life in general.

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Dana Perino is a Fox News Contributor and co-host of one of the most popular shows on cable television, The Five. She was the first Republican woman to serve as the White House press secretary, and served for over seven years in the administration of George W. Bush, including at the Department of Justice after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Perino lives in Manhattan with her husband, Peter McMahon, and their dog, Jasper.

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