Yesterday was a wonderfully luxurious day at home with my whole family. I didn’t sleep as late as I had hoped, but did lazily lay in bed later than normal.

Pat and Reagan made a huge breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns, and waffles. The rest of the day including the required laundry, catching one of my favorite movies on TV (Up Close and Personal), finishing a book, Pat grilling our supper, the whole family playing Michigan Rummy, and ending the day painting my toenails.

We rarely get a day at home like this so it was wonderful. Even if the boys spent part of their day downstairs playing video games, we were all in the house at the same time.

On Saturday, I was able to spend time with my mom and dad since they came to Patrick’s soccer game. We went out to eat together and caught up on life.

My mom is an amazing woman and my best qualities come from her. She is so giving and caring and is always making cookies or pie for some group, club, or fundraiser. She picks up her friend a few times a week and they go to Curves together. She is always sewing a quilt or mending some clothes (I did NOT inherit this skill from her). My mom has the most beautiful gardens and knows about every flower and shrub that can be grown in our area. When I saw this poem, I knew this described my mom perfectly:

I am truly blessed with two loving and supportive parents and a family that I can continue to share my legacy, planting seeds of kindness, generosity, and love into the hearts of our children.

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