With what pleasure do we look upon a family,
through the whole of which
reign mutual love and esteem,
where the parents and the children
are companions for one another,
without any other difference than what is made
by respectful affection on the one side,
and kind indulgence on the other…
Adam Smith
One of my favorite pictures of our family from July 2008. Taken in the Smokey Mountains

As our children have turned into a tween and teenagers right before our eyes, this quote has even more meaning for me.  The conversations we are having, the trust that we are building, and the love and laughter that is shared in our home reminds me of what a family is all about.

These cuties above have turned into strong-willed, intelligent, and funny young adolescents. I am amazed by their talents, their convictions, and their insights.  I have no idea what the future holds for them, but I do know whatever it is they decide to do, it will bring all of us joy!

Reagan, Patrick and Bennett on Easter 2015

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