It’s been six weeks since my last Sunday Snippets post.  February was a blur. We were busy nearly every evening with basketball games and practices and every weekend include an event or two as well.  Since it was so miserably cold here, I’m glad it went by fast.  I’m so thankful that our weather seems to be turning a corner just in time for Spring’s arrival.  We are supposed to have some really warm days ahead this week and I can’t wait to go for a walk around town and soak up some sun! I even mentioned getting our porch furniture out, but my husband thought I was thinking a little too far ahead.  So then I suggested maybe just one chair! We’ll see!

I hope you enjoy some of the many snippets from our last few weeks!

Patrick and

Bennett working the basketball court.

Our first big snow fall came in February. 
Even though it was really cold, 
we had to go out and snap a few photos of Reagan in the snow!

Show Choir Season has begun. Both boys are performers. 
Bennett performs with the Middle School group, Illusions.

Patrick performs with our prep division, Jubilation, Inc.

Patrick has a duet as well.

Our nephew, Zach, also performs in show choir at his school.
Their school is doing a version of Peter Pan for their show.
Zach is Peter Pan and I love this shot I got of him…in a bit of trouble!

Patrick is the drummer for our varsity show choir, Celebration Company.
It’s hard to get a photo of him because the performers are usually in front of him.

Bennett attended Iowa State University for the 
Middle School Science Bowl along with his teammates.
Even though they didn’t win, they had a great time and worked hard.

Parent’s night at our last home basketball game. 
Hard to believe only 3 seasons left with Patrick!
My great-niece was baptized last weekend.
I will never tire of cuddling a baby!

Finally, my cousin, Melanie is a web designer among many other talents.
She created this advertisement for the Walker General Store.
The ad features Bennett and her son, Jensen from several years ago on the lake.
I love the photo and it reminds me of such a wonderful vacation with them.
I know I probably went overboard in my snippets, but a lot has happened in the last six weeks. We have one more show choir competition and then we charge right into soccer for both boys. I am hoping the warm weather stays around for those soccer games ahead!
Please make sure you find time to enjoy the snippets from your last week or month! 
Have a wonderful week ahead!

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