A couple weeks ago,
 I found out I was the lucky winner of the SHE READS TRUTH Lenten Study.
This was exactly what I needed to push me during Lent to make time for Jesus.
I won this beautiful SHE READS TRUTH Study Kit from Emilie at Flourish & Hope
and you should definitely check out her blog as well! 
This kit includes a beautiful book to use for your study 
along with three beautifully designed business-card-sized verses 
and two gorgeous 8×10 prints.
The book includes each of the 47 days 
with verses, prayers and spaces for journaling your thoughts. 
There are also several pages of hymns which I love 
because I could play them as part of my devotional time.
Music is a very important part of my time with Jesus.
When I am really stressed out, I will sit down at the piano
and play my favorite hymns. It always calms me
and fills me with a great peace.
The pages are beautiful and the words on the pages remind us of His great love for us.
Beginning tomorrow, I will be devoting time each day, for the next 47 days to this study of Jesus and his great gift of dying on the cross for us and His miracle resurrection.
I have my Bibles ready.
I have scheduled it into my days.
I have prayed about this study and how it can be help me grow in my faith.
If you would like to join me, you can also read along 
by getting the SHE READS TRUTH App on your device. 
Unfortunately, the study is all sold out. 
But, if you are interested in this type of kit/study,
you will want to stay tuned for their release of the next study. 
I am hoping to share often about what I am feeling and learning over the next days and weeks during Lent. But, I don’t want to feel burdened by this study at all. I want to devote the time and energy necessary to study and pray without the pressure of sharing.
But, when I feel led to share with you, I will.
I won’t be giving up anything for Lent, 
but I will be giving more of myself to Him.
Which, really, it what it is all about.
I can’t wait to get started.
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