It’s been two months, since I last shared a Sunday Snippet.  Life is busy and I took a blogging break over the Christmas holiday, so I am finally getting back into the routine of blogging again. Hopefully, you were able to catch some of my posts this past week! I also have a giveaway coming up this week, so be sure to check back!

This photo was from August,
since we can’t possibly be wearing short sleeves in Iowa in January! 
One of the best snippets from this week is that today 
we are celebrating our daughter’s 10th birthday. 
Last night she took several friends roller skating 
and today we are enjoying the day with family. 
Hard to believe this beauty is 10 already! 

Reagan is such a blessing to our family. 
She was our miracle baby and has brought so much laughter and joy to each of our days.
Happy Birthday, Reagan!
Even though we had lots of other things going on in December, 
I just want to share this one photo of the three kids 
with our kitten Stormy from Christmas Eve.
The boys got a drum set for Christmas and have been playing it non-stop.
Often times I can even tell the song they are playing from the beat of the drums.
I will admit, that even with the drum set in the basement, it is a little loud.
Reagan will be starting band next year and I have a feeling she will be a drummer as well.
My husband and I don’t seem to get many photos taken together.
I had our daughter take one quick as we were heading out to a Christmas party.
My husband surprised me with a gift of flowers for Christmas.
Every month I will have a bouquet delivered to me.
This was my first delivery
 and it was the perfect pick-me-up during this cold, snowy week. 
I have a feeling this is going to my all-time favorite gift from him!

We continue to be busy with basketball now that all three kids are playing.
Bennett has his first game this week.
Show Choir season starts next weekend.
Jazz Band will be in full swing soon.
I’ll be the proud mom in the stands cheering them all on. 
I was also able to meet the newest member of our extended family.
This is my new, great-niece, Daphney.
She is such a beauty.
This photo doesn’t show her beautiful red hair.
I can’t wait to watch her grow up!
I’m back into a reading and I have lots of great books to share with you this month.
I hope your week is full of blessings.
Be sure to enjoy all the big and little moments of your days!
Thanks for sharing in my big and small moments.
Have a great week!

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