By: Will Hillenbrand

Published: November 18, 2014

Publisher: Two Lions


When our boys were little, they received the book GOOD DOG, CARL from my sister. I remember flipping through the pages and thinking, “Where are the words?”. Then the first time I “read” it to our son, I realized what a treasure the book is.  We read that book over and over and sometimes it was the same but mostly it was completely different.

In SNOWMAN’S STORY, much can be the same for you and your children. It is a wordless picture book, in that the pictures tell the story and you and your child can fill in the blanks. In the winter, a snowman is created by the forest animals. Suddenly, a hat blows through the woods and lands on the snowman’s head. The snowman comes to life and and has a delightful day in the forest until the bunny inside of the hat jumps out and causes trouble. When all the animals chase the bunny, what they find at the end will surprise them.

It is a delightful story that leaves room for all kinds of dialogue that you and your child can create. The illustrations, also created by the author, are stunning and create a beautiful winter scene on each page. The animals expressions are full of character and leave the reader with many options for detailed storyline.

I highly recommend this delightful picture book. It’ll travel with me in my school bag to read to the elementary kids in case I need to fill time. It would make a wonderful addition to a home or school library. This is the type of book that can be read again and again and never get boring. Share this book with your child and encourage their creativity.

Will Hillenbrand – source

Will Hillenbrand has written and illustarted many beloved picture books. This is his first wordless picture book. Will lives with his wife, Jane, and their son, Ian, in Terrace Park, Ohio. You can find out more about him at  You can also find him on Facebook, HERE.

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  1. Julie P. on January 29, 2015 at 11:49 am

    This book is beautiful. Like you, I was initially surprised by picture books with no words, but they are special in how we "read" them.

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