Last week I shared my One Word for 2015.
That word is

and you can read all about it, HERE.
Over the course of the year, I plan to share quotes and inspiration related to 
here on Mondays. 
This is exactly where I want to be. 
Right in the middle of too little and too much.
This past week was my first real week of focusing on
and I feel like I did pretty well.
I actually got a lot accomplished even after subbing for 3 days and 
being busy nearly every evening and all weekend.
I crossed off a couple projects on my list that had been on there for awhile.
That was a good feeling.
I spent some quality time with our daughter and 
tried to keep up more with laundry and household tasks.
I even had time for fun!
So far, this Balance thing is working out great!
Where is your Balance between too little and too much?
Did you choose One Word for your year? If so share it in the comments! 
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