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As a mom of two teenage boys, I was anxious to check out the new product made especially for teens in their battle against acne. In the age of selfies, no one wants to share their photo with a big zit on their forehead.  Teens want to be the best and look their best at all times and even a little bit of acne on their face can affect their self-esteem.  As a mom, I believe it is my job to make sure my kids have the products they need to take care of their bodies.  My teens are busy, leaving for school before most kids are out of bed and not coming home until late in the evening. They don’t want to hassle with multiple steps to wash their face and they want to keep ahead of break-outs. X Out is just that product.

X Out is a one-step wash-in treatment that washes powerful breakout fighting medicine into pores to help kill the bacteria that causes pimples, while moisturizing and helping to protect the skin. X Out is an essential product for teens because it doesn’t require any other steps, so it fits into their busy lifestyle.

Actress, dancer and recording artist, Zendaya is the current spokesperson for X Out. Zendaya says, “X Out gives me the freedom to stay clear, happy and in control.”  X Out is from the makers of Proactiv, America’s #1 acne brand.  It doesn’t just treat zits, it helps stop the cause of zits. So, as long as you continue using X Out, you will continue to prevent the blemishes from coming back.

I am fortunate that our boys do not have serious acne breakouts, but mostly just the occasional blemish. Both of our boys used the product, but my oldest son, who is fourteen, is who I am featuring in our product review.

Before – Day one of using X Out

His acne problem areas are mostly the chin area and the nose area. As you can see, he had a few blemishes in his chin area on day one of using the product.

After – One Month of using X Out

After a month of using the product, you can see there is hardly any blemishes on my son’s face. He uses the product morning and night and has had no issues with skin irritation and found the product easy to use. The only thing is that you need to be very careful to not let the product touch clothing. His first time using X Out, he washed his face with a blue washcloth, that is now white. This product does contain benzoyl peroxide, which can bleach fabric. So, from then on he used white washcloths or just his hands. I neglected to see the small print on the material we were given to warm him about the bleaching affect. You should also test the product on a small area of your skin before all over use to check for an allergic reaction.

Our other son is seen here using the XOut in the video:

Overall, both boys were very pleased with X Out and their clear skin results. X Out offers a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not pleased with your results, but we certainly won’t need to use it. Even without a serious acne problem, we were still able to see results in our son’s complexion.

X Out offers a Wash-In Treatment, Spot Corrector, Shine Control, Body Bar, Body Scrub, and Deep Cleansing Brush.  If you would like more info about X Out, check out their website at www.xout.com. You can also call their toll-free number at 866-466-2970.  You can also find X Out on Facebook, HERE, and Twitter, HERE.

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    It's nice to know the product delivers.

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