Where have I been?
I’ve been subbing.
I’ve been busy in our community.
I’ve been a mom to three active kids.
So….the blog had to take a back seat.
I’m behind on book reviews. 
I have already missed two deadlines and am close to missing a third.
I’m extremely behind on reading.
I’ve had a few days off from subbing, but my time
has been spent playing catch up here at home.
Mail needs to be sorted, bills paid, and mounds of laundry needed to be washed.
I am getting a better handle on things and am even reading a bit.
I have some great books that I will be reviewing soon for you.
But, see….that takes time too. I can’t just whip a review out.
I like to think about it and be careful with my words.
So, as you can see…I’m still here….just focusing on more important matters.
Three great kids and a patient, loving husband that need me more.
I’ll be back soon.
Thanks for waiting and understanding. 
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  1. Kate on November 20, 2014 at 4:52 am

    I hear you on that! Life gets in the way and sometimes my blog needs to take a backseat, too.

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