On Sundays I like to share snippets from our life here in small town Iowa.
The last few weeks have been really busy for us. I thought life might be slowing down a bit since some of the kids activities are done. But, this week still kept me moving. I am still subbing nearly every day and I had my second cold of the season so I hope that I am covered now for the whole winter. 
During the month of November, I hope to take some time to reflect on all my blessings. The biggest blessings in my life are my husband and children. But, there are so many other blessings I am grateful for. I hope you can spend some time reflecting on those blessings this month.
Enjoy some of the snippets from our week!
I am super excited about my new camera. The perks of subbing nearly everyday include earning the money sooner that I planned to purchase this Canon EOS Rebel T5. I don’t have all the buttons and whistles figured out yet, but I am loving the results of the photos I have taken with it already.
All the photos below are from my new Canon. 
Patrick’s final performance on the field this year. Marching band has been so much fun for him as well as all of us. I will miss the performances, but am excited because I have several years of marching band ahead of me with Bennett and Reagan coming up. 

It was really foggy last Friday night, but the band still rocked the stadium!

At one of their competitions this season, 
the drumline earned Best Percussion. That was pretty exciting!
Saturday was my husband’s birthday! After Reagan’s basketball practice, we headed out for breakfast and a little Frisbee Golf. It was a beautiful morning!

Even though my game didn’t go so well and I eventually gave up, I had fun watching the competition….

…and enjoying the final days of fall’s beauty all around us.
That evening we had family over to celebrate Pat’s birthday 
and enjoy his favorite food, Spanish Rice, using his mom’s recipe. 
Last Sunday was our annual Fall Leaf Raking Day.
We have two large Blaze Maples in our backyard that drop lots of leaves.
Stormy was excited to be able to join us outside.

The kids were great helpers getting all the leaves raked into a pile.

Stormy loves to climb our trees and we found her running up and around them all afternoon.
The good thing is she always comes back down! 

Reagan took over my job of driving the tractor this year.
She was pretty excited and enjoyed her “important” job.

The best part of raking the leaves is jumping in the pile.

And, of course, the required pictures for mom!

My favorite photo of the whole day! 
Thanks for sharing in our joyful moments of the past couple weeks. 
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