A month ago I reviewed the book, CRAZY IS NORMAL, It is a memoir that offers a look at a year in the life of Lloyd Lofthouse, a high school English teacher. He kept a daily journal during the year of 1994, including his frustrations with students lack of motivation and his anger over the lack of funding for schools. The educational and student issues he shared are still prevalent today and his insight into the future of education is interesting. To see my review, click HERE.

has received honorable mention 
at the Southern California Book Festival. 
I wanted to take this opportunity 
to share my congratulations to Mr Lofthouse.

I encourage you to check out his blog where he talks about education, HERE. You can read a post about his thoughts on substitute teachers that was related to my review and my work as a Sub. For that specific post, click HERE.

To purchase a copy of CRAZY IS NORMAL, click the photo below. The Kindle version is just $.99 at this time.

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