I always love looking at gift guides, hoping to find an idea that I hadn’t thought of.
I take my Christmas shopping seriously and want to find that perfect gift for everyone on my list.I keep track of likes and dislikes. I write down things that they may have mentioned wanting. I ask family members and friends for ideas. Then I set out completing my shopping list.

As I was shopping I thought about things that I could offer as ideas for others who might be struggling to find that “perfect gift” for someone they love. The following are a list of items with something for everyone on that list. I hope you find this list helpful. If you choose to purchase an item from one of my links, I may receive a small commission from your purchase without you having to pay a cent more for it. Thanks for supporting me and my blogging. All the items are things I have purchased for myself or others and love them! The items are mostly “clutterless” items as well which is a bonus!

$5 Dinner Plan with Erin Chase
Erin is a busy mom and each week, takes the guess work out of meal planning. Every Friday, you get an email that includes recipes to take you through a week of meals. She includes step-by-step instructions and grocery lists and sometimes videos. I have 6 months worth of her weekly meals plans and have used several of them. If there is a busy mom on your list, this would make a great gift. You are not only giving her the gift of time, but also the gift of excellent meals for their whole family. For more info, click HERE.

I gave this to my parents last year for Christmas. Every Friday night my parents went to our local supper club, The Chaparral. I have many memories of Friday night dinners including wagon wheels and virgin grasshoppers. I even tried Frog Legs on one of our Friday night dinners. This book features supper clubs all over the Midwest, their history and what makes them special. It was an interesting read and makes me want to visit all of them. There are two featured from our area and we highly recommend both of them. This makes a great gift for someone who likes local history or travel.

Photo courtesy of my friend Jenn
and her nail salon, HERE

Gift Certificate for Manicure/Pedicure
I absolutely love getting a pedicure. I can take an hour of my time and completely relax. You usually receive a leg and foot massage along with a deep scrub that removes all that awful dead skin off of your heel during a pedicure. Plus you get beautiful toes for a few weeks. Giving a gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure also gives someone an hour of “Me Time”. Find a salon near you that offers them and purchase a gift certificate for the amount of a manicure, pedicure or even both!

Give the gift of reading by giving someone you love a Kindle. I have had a Kindle (1st version) as well as a Kindle Fire and loved them both. I currently use the Kindle App on my iPad Mini for my reading, not because I was ever unhappy with my Kindle, I just passed my Kindle Fire on to our daughter. For those who just want to use it to read, the Kindle Paperwhite is your best option. Don’t forget to include an AMAZON GIFT CARDalong with your gift. An Amazon Gift Card is great for someone who has everything whether they like to read or not. You can choose from books, movies, clothing, toys, food, tools, electronics, etc. Practically everything you need is available on Amazon.

Amazon Prime
Shop Amazon – Give the Gift of Amazon Prime
If you have someone who likes to shop online, I highly recommend gifting Amazon Prime. Free 2-Day shipping on thousands of products makes online shopping so much easier. It has paid for itself multiple times in our house.

Gifting either a instant streaming package or a DVD package is a great idea for the TV/Movie lover on your list. Sometimes this is an extra expense some aren’t willing to spend, but for those long, cold winter months, it’s the perfect way to spend an evening or a weekend.

Etsy Gift Certificate
I absolutely LOVE Etsy. It is a crafter/small business website. You are getting rid of the middle person and ordering precisely from the artist/creator. I’ve gotten signs, jewelry, t-shirts, baby gifts, and so much more. There truly is something for EVERYONE on Etsy.com. I’m not sure there is an actual Etsy Gift Certificate since they are all independent crafters, but you could create your own and then let your loved one shop away!

Toms Shoes
I have fallen in love with TOMS shoes. They are comfy and fashionable. Plus, purchasing a pair for yourself automatically gives a pair to someone else in need of shoes. For more on TOMS shoes, click HERE. Our daughter is getting a pink glitter pair for Christmas. TOMS are available for kids, men, and women in all sorts of styles.

Luxurious Towels

Do you ever stay in a hotel and wish you could bring the towels home? Last year my husband gave me “hotel towels” for Christmas and I love them. They are thick, soft, and absorbant. Totally worth it. Most people hate spending money on towels and are likely still using the ones they got for a graduation or wedding gift. If you don’t know what to get someone, trust me, they’ll appreciate new towels!

Thirty-One Cindy Tote

Thirty-One Insulated Lunch Totesource

I use both of these products every day that I sub at school.  The Cindy Tote is my “school bag” that I keep packed all the time. It has just the right pockets and is the perfect size for my materials and laptop. It is sturdy and not too flashy. I also always take my lunch in the Insulated Lunch Tote. Even if I don’t get a chance to put it in the fridge, my lunch is always still cold at lunch time. Find your local Thirty-One consultant and order these or better yet, have a party and earn them for free! Click HERE.

AAA Membership
I have been a AAA member since I left for college and it has come in handy more times than I can count. If you have a college student on your list, elderly grandparents who go south for the winter, or someone who travels a lot or drives more than 30 miles to their job, AAA can be a lifesaver. If you choose the Plus membership, no matter where you are, AAA will come and tow your vehicle back to wherever you need it. They will jump your battery, unlock your vehicle, send a mechanic out, etc. It pays for itself just for the piece of mind. Plus you get lots of other discounts at Outlet Malls, hotels, and car rental agencies by having the membership. Get more info, HERE.

Grocery Store Gift Card
Everyone hates buying and paying for groceries. Food is so expensive. This gift card might allow someone to buy steak or produce that they wouldn’t normally purchase. Get a card from their favorite store and they will think of you next time they get groceries!

Movie Gift Card
Our family rarely goes to the movie theater. We would just rather spend money on other things and wait for the DVD. But sometimes, there are movies we really want to see right away. If we had a gift card, we might just do it more often or at least use it towards that expensive popcorn!

Sam’s or Costco Membership
We are members of Sam’s and I would miss it desperately if we weren’t. There are items that I can only get there. Certain items are much cheaper there (gallon of milk for $2.90) and I can buy the items we go through quickly in bulk which saves me time and money. If you know someone with a lot of kids (especially teens) this would be a great gift for that family.

Nativity Set
I collect Nativity Sets and think every family should have one. This Little People set is perfect for a toddler. A ceramic set for a newly married couple would be a great idea as well. It is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas and Jesus’ birth.  My cousin has been making me one out of felted wool and giving me one piece each year. I love seeing what she creates and watching my set grow each year.

Our boys are 13 and 14 and still remember these books from when they were toddlers.  We had several of them and they would laugh every time we would read them. Each page has something that pops up out of the page. I think the farm one was always our favorite. My great-niece just turned one and she will be getting this one for Christmas. I can’t wait to read it to her! 

Family Photo Session with your favorite photographer
Who doesn’t love family photos? Pay the sitting fee for a family to get their photos taken and wrap up a certificate stating they have a free family session with the photographer. I know I would love this as a gift!

Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush
I keep this right in my shower and use it once or twice a week. It really brightens my face and makes it feel so much softer and smoother. This is for the woman who wants to look her best! Find a local Mary Kay consultant by clicking, HERE.

 Mary Kay Time Wise Cleanser Set
I use these products every single day and have for years. I credit my smooth and clear complexion to these products. I stand behind them 100% and believe they are the best product out there for anti-aging benefits. Again, find a local Mary Kay consultant by clicking HERE. The best part is all Mary Kay products are 100% guaranteed.

Lego Sets
Our family has always been a huge fan of Lego products. The boys got sets for every occasion when they were younger. Now that Lego has the Lego Friends set, our daughter is also in love with them. We have even gotten holiday sets to make a tradition of building and adding a new piece to our winter village each year. There are Lego sets for all ages and in many categories. They are classics!

Fitbit One

For someone who likes fitness, this is a great gift idea. The Fitbit clips to your clothing and keeps track of your steps, stairs climbed, miles walked, and calories burned. If you are having trouble sleeping, it will even keep track of your sleeping and how many times you were awake in the night. You can set goals and then sync it with your smart phone to keep track of your progress. It is a great motivator and may even push you to get those extra steps in your day.  
Cuisinart Griddler
My husband got me the Griddler a few years ago and it is one of my favorite appliances. I use it for pancakes, grilled cheese, and grilling chicken. It is great for making panini sandwiches as well. I even got these Cuisinart Griddler Waffle Plates
to go with my Griddler. Now I have just one appliance rather than a waffle iron as well. It is perfect for a family or a single person. 
My sister-in-law LOVES her fiestaware. She has dishes in every color and her cupboards look like a rainbow inside. I love helping her build up her collection and buying pieces for her birthday or Christmas. I think these Scarlet ones are my favorite. If you start a collection of dishes for someone, then you have your gift planned out for the next several years. Just keep adding pieces to their collection. 
The important thing about gift giving is that you have truly thought about that person and what they might like. Wrapping the gift up nice with extra ribbons and bows will also make the receiver feel like you spent time on their gift and really cared. Don’t spend more than your budget allows and spend some time (if possible) with your loved one. That truly is the best gift of all. 
If you choose to purchase some of the above items, as a member of their affiliate program, I may receive a small commission without you having to pay a cent more for your purchase. I appreciate your support of SincerelyStacie.com. 
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