I first saw this idea on Pinterest, HERE,  
and wanted to make it for our living room wall.
It just so happens there is a man 
in our small town that makes these letters
in any size or font you want.  
Check out his Etsy shop, HERE.
So, I had him cut me a 2 foot letter “G” 
with plenty of space. 
I just asked for it to be sanded and not painted.
I then painted it myself with black acrylic paint. 
The time-consuming part was finding all the photos I wanted to use. 
I wanted to use photos from over the past several years.
I cut and pasted them into a word document.
Then I resized them to be smaller, depending on the photo.
I basically fit 2 photos on each page in the word document.
Then I printed them in black and white at the best quality setting.
I printed them on thicker, high quality printer paper, NOT photo paper.
Once they were all printed out, I cut the photos.
Then I placed them on the letter to see how they would fit.
I made sure I had the same amount of photos of each child, 
because I’m fair like that.

Then I started pasting them on the letter.
I used ModPodge and a sponge brush. 
I worked in a section, making sure they all fit. 
Then Icontinued to move around the board,
applying the ModPodge in thin strokes over top of the pictures. 
Once it was dry, I applied a thin a second coat.
I have been so anxious to get this “G” and other things hung on our living room wall.
Below is how our wall has looked for quite awhile…..
One sad, small piece of art.
But now……
I finally have a WALL! 
It is just what I wanted.
The family rules art I have had for awhile.
The “Enjoy the simple things” vinyl art 
was a gift a few birthdays ago from my friend, Mary.
The domino, a 2 and a 3 for our family (Pat and I and then 3 kids) 
She has awesome art at reasonable prices. 
Be sure to check out her Etsy store, HERE!
The little “G” I found on clearance at a store that was going out of business.
Finally, the fall frame I just picked up at Hobby Lobby in their fall section.
I plan to place a new frame and photo in that spot throughout the year. 
The shelf came in a three pack of various size shelves from Target.

I even got my painting of the poppies hung up.
 I painted it at a Wine and Paint event this last spring.
It was a ton of fun and I highly recommend it if you have the chance.
I am not creative, artistic, nor do I have excellent decorating abilities.
But, I am certainly happy with how everything looks and how
my letter “G” turned out.
It really makes our living room feel like home!
Thanks to my husband, Pat for helping me get everything hung up! 
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  1. Becky Goerend on September 8, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    This looks fantastic!

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