On Sundays, I like to share snippets from our life here in small town Iowa.  
As we get into the school year, our lives get busier. 
It seems there is always something going on.  
I’d love to hear snippets from your life as well.
Find joy in the snippets of your daily life!
We have had an office in our home since 2008. My husband used it on days he wanted to work from home. It was a huge help when his office in downtown Cedar Rapids was flooded during the flood of 2008. But, now that his office is in our small town, he was hardly ever using it. So, I decided it would be helpful if I actually had an office. We cleaned it out and I got it all set up for me. I am so excited. I have been more productive and love being able to sit at a desk rather than on the couch with my computer. 

On Sunday we participated in a Bags (Corn Hole) Tournament. 
Pat and I were partners and Patrick and Bennett were partners.  
The boys were pretty thrilled that they placed better than we did, 
receiving 3rd place. We got 4th. 
Reagan has been BEGGING to make cupcakes and finally,
 Sunday afternoon we made them. 
Strawberry cake with pink and purple icing. YUM!

Cross Country season kicked off on Tuesday.  
Patrick’s (in the blue) 1st high school meet and he rocked it, 
finishing with his fastest time ever. 
His official time was 21.29 for a 5K. 
The race was ran with all the high school boys together 
rather than a Varsity race and a JV race. I think he did awesome!
Have you heard of a Lemon Drop Melon?
I hadn’t either but saw them at Hy-Vee this week. 
I love trying new fruit and thought the kids might like it.
It was sweet with a bit of tart.
Bennett said it reminded him of a Granny Smith apple.
I thought it was like a Honeydew Melon with tart.
It is smaller than a cantalope and was $2.50.

Also this week I treated myself to a pedicure and lunch at Panera. 
A friend of mine is in school to be a nail technician, 
so I “sacrificed” to be one of her customers.
Then I headed to Panera with my book and had a delicious lunch.
Their new flatbread sandwiches are quite tasty. 
I had their southwestern flat bread with summer corn chowder. 
I’m anxious to try out their other flatbreads.
I live in a small town of 700, so we have to drive nearly thirty minutes – hour to get to a fancy cupcake shop. The popular one in Eastern Iowa is Scratch Cupcakery. They have locations in Cedar Falls, Waterloo, West Des Moines and Coralville. The cool thing is they also have a Cupcake Truck that travels to small towns for a scheduled 2 hour visit. 
They offer 10 different cupcakes for $2 each or $22/dozen.
I stood in line for just 15 minutes to get 6 cupcakes. Totally worth it! They sold out of all of the 500 cupcakes they brought in 56 minutes! I hope they come back soon!
From top to bottom, left to right:
O Happy Day, Wedding Day, Raspberry Love, 
Chocolicious, Cookies and Cream, and Molten Caramel
Saturday was the neighboring towns Sauerkraut Days. 
It kicked off with a 5K at 7:30 AM. Patrick ran and I ran/walked with my friend, Therese. 
Patrick had another best time, finishing at 20:59, 
cutting off 30 seconds from his previous best time on Tuesday. 
Let’s just say, Therese and I were a tad….bit behind him. 
Then it was time to get ready for the parade. Gotta love small town parades!
Patrick marching with the band, above.
It isn’t a small town Iowa parade without tractors.  
My Sister-in-Law, Kelly and her son Matt

My husband’s brother, Steve driving his Oliver in the parade.
After the parade we had all the free hot dogs and sauerkraut we wanted,
plus some delicious peach pie. 

In the afternoon, Patrick was in his final Sheltered Reality performance.
This has been an amazing group to be a part of the last three years, but
due to a busy high school activity schedule, we had to let it go.
But, we will never forget our time with Sheltered Reality and how you can
“Take a Chance”
“Never Give Up”
and do
“Whatever It Takes”
in any situation.
If you are in the Midwest, you may have a Sheltered Reality group near you. 
Check out their website and schedule, HERE and find a show near you. 
In fact, they are at the Minnesota State Fair today!
They are amazing! 
Patrick with Steve the founder of Sheltered Reality
Ok, this was kind of a full week, but these were truly just snippets from our life.
There is always something going on, and next week will be just as busy.
Tune in next Sunday for more snippets from our life.
You never know what you might see.
Remember to find the joy in your daily snippets!
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  1. Becky Goerend on August 31, 2014 at 7:53 pm

    I love parades! Looks like a fun week! So awesome that you took the time to bake cupcakes!

  2. Big Rigs 'n Lil' Cookies on September 1, 2014 at 9:28 pm

    You live in such an amazing community! And I am soooo jealous… I want to go to a cupcake truck!

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