I’ve decided which books I’m going to take along on our Summer Vacation.  I chose books that I have been anxious to read and not necessarily books I need to review or have a deadline for.  I don’t know if I will get to all 4 of these books, but that is my hope.  If I do finish all of them, I still have plenty on my iPad waiting to be read.  We will have a lot of drive time, but a lot of it will be scenic and I won’t want to have my head buried in a book.  Plus, I should probably chat with my husband and kids a bit! So stay tuned, to see what I end up reading on our Summer Vacation.

PAPERBOY By Vince Vawter
I’ve been wanting to read this since I bought it last summer and I am determined to get it read.  I was interested because it is a coming-of-age story (which I love) and the main character is a young boy who stutters.  Since our boys stutter, I am always interested in reading how it is portrayed in stories.  It has gotten great reviews and I’m anxious to read it.
THE LIFE LIST by Lori Nelson Spielman
For no good reason, this novel keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the pile.  I have had it for way too long and am determined to read it this month.  I have had several friends, as well as my sister, tell me how great it is which is enough reason for me to get it read! 
This has been on my list to read, but I just recently got it in my hands thanks to my cousin, Melanie.  She read it and thought I would like it as well.  Looks like the perfect vacation read to me!
LITTLE MERCIES by Heather Gudenkauf
Heather Gudenkauf is an Iowa author and has just recently come out with her newest book.  This one involves a woman who is a social worker in Cedar Rapids.  Aside from it being a book by Heather, the premise sounds right up my alley.  I purchased it for my Kindle and can’t wait to devour it. 

I also plan to catch up on some magazines that I have been neglecting the last few months.  I like reading magazines on trips because you don’t have to be so focused on your reading and can still have conversations and stay engaged while looking through them.  I’m looking forward to catching up on a few months of REAL SIMPLE, LIFE: BEAUTIFUL, BOOKMARKS, and WATCH.

You’ll have to check back and see how much of this I actually get read.  There will be a lot of beautiful sights to see out my window as well!  Curious where we are traveling to? We are going to tour the great state of Michigan.  We plan to travel across the Upper Peninsula, over to Mackinac Island, and then down along the western border of Michigan.  It’s going to be beautiful, maybe a bit chilly, but full of memories made with our kids!

How about you, can you read in the car?

Do you take books or magazines on vacation?

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  1. Lori Spielman on July 15, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    So honored to be "going on vacation with you", Stacie! Really thrilled to be part of your great list of books! I hope you enjoy THE LIFE LIST!

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