in many communities across the United States,
we are celebrating Memorial Day.
On this day, we recognize the men and women 
who died while serving in the Armed Forces. 
The original name, Decoration Day,
 was to remember soldiers who died during the Civil War. 
Today, many use it as a day to remember all loved ones who have died, visiting cemeteries and placing flowers on loved ones graves.
Our family has often spent the day visiting cemeteries and remembering our heritage.  We have shared stories with our children about our family members and visited their final resting place, leaving flowers behind. 
Even though I am not attending the Memorial Day service that my parents host at the country church near their home, I am remembering those who served and gave their life for me and our children.
I’m also remembering the loved ones that stayed behind, while their husband or wife, mother or father, son or daughter, served our country and never returned.  The sadness and pain that was felt can never be replaced but our gratitude remains.  
Thank you will never be enough.  

But enjoying the freedoms that we have been given, 
earned by bloodshed, battles, tears, and sacrifice, 
will be appreciated for years to come. 
God Bless America
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  1. bermudaonion on May 26, 2014 at 11:24 pm

    I'm glad to see people recognizing Memorial Day as more than a day off of work. Beautiful post.

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