This last weekend was full of fun.  The boys had a middle school dance on Friday night and Reagan had her school carnival.  Then Saturday morning, I left early with the boys for their final show choir competition. 

We definitely have some talented musicians in our house and it is so much fun to watch them perform! 

After arriving home it was time to get ready to head north.  Since November, I have been planning my mom’s 75th birthday party.  Everything came together just as I imagined and the party was a huge success.  

My mom had a permanent smile on her face all day long.  
All of us attended church with her that morning.
 By all of us,
 I mean, all three of us girls, our children and my sisters’ grandchildren were ALL together for the day.  
That doesn’t happen very often and I am glad we were able to get some family photos taken together. 
My mom and sister just returned from a trip to Hawaii and my sister ordered those beautiful flowers from a shop in Hawaii for her birthday.  My niece and sister made the cakes.  If you know my mom at all, you know that we also had ice cream at the party.  It truly was the perfect day. 

Each table was decorated with a colorful tablecloth.  Then I had spread photos of my mom on each of the tables.  I had photos of my mom as a child, from my parents wedding, from when I was growing up until the present.  There was over 200 photos spread throughout the tables.  Then I covered the tables with a strip of clear tablecloth to protect the photos. I let the kids sprinkle confetti on all the tables and we topped them with a bouquet of flowers.  I think everyone enjoyed seeing the photos and sharing memories as they visited.

My parents have been married for 57 1/2 years.  Truly a blessing to all of us.
It was such a great weekend and I heard so many people that they were so glad to be able to share their day with my mom who gives so much to them.  She truly is the most giving and loving person I know.  I can’t even name all the organizations she is involved with and volunteers her time for.  In fact, leaving the church yesterday, she had to be sure to grab the bags of food she needs to deliver to the food pantry.  She is always thinking of others and I was so honored to make yesterday all about her!
 Love you Mom! 

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  1. Sugar Cookies to Peterbilts on March 22, 2014 at 1:23 am

    Love how you shared to pictures in such a unique and wonderful way! Belated Happy Birthday wishes to your mom!

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