I just love calendars that offer you something on each page.  I can start my days with a quote, a laugh, a fact, a cute picture, pretty much anything you want in any category you are interested in.

I usually have one in my bathroom so I can see it every morning and then the kids have theirs either in their bathroom or their bedroom.

This year, I found some new ones to try out and so far I am loving them!

Patrick got the Minnesota Vikings Page a Day Calendar as a gift for Christmas as we are big Vikings fans!

The calendar is full of Vikings related material including player stats, historical information about the team, and game/season statistics. 
I got the kids the Google A Day calendar as well as sent it to my cousin’s children.  Reagan has been the most interested in this calendar.  

Each day has a different question.  With the information in the question, you then need to do google searches to find the answer.  So far the questions have been interesting and we have learned something each day. There have been a couple that we weren’t able to figure out the answer, but so far, it has been a lot of fun. We like to look it up during supper and with our devices we can search pretty easily and then everyone can engage in the conversation. It is a fun and educational calender and I highly recommend it!

I chose the Today is Going to Be A Great Day Calendar for my bathroom. 

I wanted something fun and bright and positive.  This definitely fits the bill.  It is colorful and each day features a positive quote in a fun artistic form.  Each day features a different artist and offers their website if you really like their artwork.  I love this calendar!

We gave the boys the Sports Center Calendar for Christmas.

Every day one or both of the boys can be heard telling us something sports related either about a player injury, a coaching change or some game that was won or lost.  They are definitely into their sports.  This calendar encompasses all sports and gives them the facts they love!

There are so many other calendars that intrigued me this year too.  I considered the Book Lovers Calendar, but since I hear about so many great books through my various contacts I decided to go with something different. I also considered getting the Someecards calendadr since they so often say just what I am thinking and almost always make me laugh.  But, I was worried it wouldn’t be “kid appropriate”.  There are so many great calendars, there is certainly one for everybody!  You can find calendars on cooking, wine, quotes, animals, shoes, every sports team/type you can imagine, travel, TV shows, celebrities, crafts, quilting, educational, puzzles, cartoon characters, inspirational and Bible verses.

This is a great time of year to get the calendars as they are usually at least half off by now.  Your local stores may have them or you can find a great number of them on Amazon – Page A Day Calendars  Add a little joy to your day with a daily calendar!

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  1. Rebecca Camarena on January 13, 2014 at 10:16 pm

    A Great idea for Christmas presents. Everyone will get a calendar, but each to their own liking. Thanks for sharing.

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