Each time of life has its own kind of love.
Leo Tolstoy

Just yesterday we were sitting next to a friend who has a toddler.  The little boy didn’t want to sit still and the mom was getting tired of constantly pulling him back and telling him to sit down.  Oh, but he was cute!  He had such fun little conversations and he was certainly entertaining.  The mom at one point asked me, “Don’t you miss this age?”

I remember our boys being quite busy at that age, but also being absolutely adorable and fun.  I remember how fun Reagan was at that age.  She was always such a good little girl and adapting to any activity that we had to drag her to.  As I sat there watching the little boy and his mom, many memories of our children at that age came to mind.  Of course, I miss that age.  Do I want to go back to it?  No.  Every stage of parenting has its ups and its downs.  I’m sure there are things I would have done differently at each stage of their growing up.  But, no matter how much I miss their toddler years, I wouldn’t miss these growing up years for anything. Each time of their life is full of its own joy and I want to live fully in each of those moments.

Enjoy all the moments no matter what stage of life you are in!

Our family in July 2005 at Garden of the Gods
Bennett (4) Reagan (6 mths) Patrick (5)

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