I was thinking about Halloween the other night and all the costumes we have gone through with our kids.  I didn’t have time to dig out all the pre-digital era photos of the boys and scan them into the computer, but I  had one of the year they were Buzz and Woody in my computer.  Thanks for sharing in my memories of Halloween over the years. 
Halloween 2003
Reagan’s first Halloween in 2005
With all the Gorkow cousins at Grandma’s house

Halloween 2006

and with their cousins, Alissa and Zach 

Pat and I even dressed up one year! I loved Pat as Mr Clean! 

Halloween 2007.  Patrick wore the Dumbo costume when he was that age.  One of our favorite costumes. 

Halloween 2008 – Bennett was an adorable Mad Scientist!

Then, cousin Zach, showed up as a bunch of grapes and stole the show! 
Halloween 2009

Halloween 2010 – One of my favorite years.  I loved the cute clown, the homemade pirate and the serious Cubs baseball player!

Halloween 2011 – Bennett was the perfect Lumberjack, and Patrick was an hilarious 70’s basketball player.  We made up our own Smurfette costume for Reagan.

Halloween 2012 – The first year Patrick didn’t dress up.  Bennett’s Target employee was a last minute idea and was hilarious.  My husband made the name tag and we laminated it.  Reagan loved being Wonder Woman!
This year it will just be Reagan out trick or treating.  She is going as an 80’s girl, which wasn’t too much of a stretch since most of her clothes seemed to be designed from that era anyway.  
Thanks for sharing in my memories of Halloween.  Stay tuned for pictures from this year!

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  1. bermudaonion on November 1, 2013 at 1:28 pm

    Such fun memories! I saw a lot of adults dressed up last night.

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