Author/Illustrator: Blake Ross

Published:  June 25, 2010

This June, I took our kids to our local Barnes and Noble for their summer reading kick off.  It is a tradition for us to pick out a book or two for the summer.  While there, I introduced myself to Blake Ross who was selling and autographing his children’s book.  After chatting while making my purchase, I told him I would be happy to review and promote his book since he was a local author.

Ross has written a witty and creative tale that teaches about all the different animals at the zoo.  He does it in such a fun way and has written unique rhymes for each page.

The story tells of a family’s trip to the zoo and at every stop the son asks his parents if they can take home that animal for a pet.  And for every request, the father has a reason why owning that animal as a pet wouldn’t be a good idea.  The story is told in such a way that kids and parents alike will find it funny.
The illustrations are bright and colorful depicting the obvious (to parents) reason why it isn’t such a good idea to have a wild animal as a pet.  Our daughter found the flamingo page to be her favorite and I liked the penguin and polar bear page.  
The best part of the book is not only the teaching of the animals but that the book also comes up with animals for each letter of the alphabet.  I was quite impressed with the choice of animals and the witty rhymes that went with them.  I think this book would be a hit for any lower elementary child and would be a great addition to a school classroom as well.
Included in the book is a Forward, written by Marc Heinzman of the Niabi Zoo near Moline, Illinois.  He writes that the importance of this book is sharing our love for animals and how necessary it is for them to get the proper care needed.  By visiting zoos we can learn more about all these special animals as well as help support them in their natural habitat. 
Blake Ross is the author and illustrator of two children’s books.  Blake is a Quad City (Iowa) native and has worked as a successful creative director and freelance artist for over twenty years.  He has designed local, regional, and national advertising.  Even though his work has won advertising awards, the rewards he values most are the joyful emotions people express when they are truly entertained.  As satisfying as his career in advertising has been, his heart longed to use his God given talents to bring joy to the child in all of us.
Blake Ross has also written a children’s Christmas book titled, DADDY….WHY DOESN’T SANTA USE ELEPHANTS?
For more on Blake Ross visit www.brbpublishing.com
To purchase his books, click HERE.

For more on the Niabi Zoo, visit their website HERE

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