I have been wanting to make a Fairy Garden for some time and with Reagan being 8, I thought she was old enough to help and be responsible for it.  We went shopping for the items together and then I helped her build it.

Most all of our items were purchased at Earl May.  They have an excellent supply of Fairy Garden items.  Amazon also has a number of Fairy Garden items HERE.  I decided to make our Fairy Garden in a pot so that we can bring it inside over the winter and not have to start completely over each year.  We chose a nice big round pot and first layered it with pebbles for drainage and then potting soil.

I let Reagan chose all the pieces for the Fairy Garden.  We placed more of the pebbles underneath the patio set to give it a little more support.  

Earl May has a whole section of “Itty Bitties” or small plants perfect for Fairy Gardens.  We used marbles for the path and the pond which we got in the craft section of Walmart.  We also got some alyssum in both purple and white to put around the bird bath.  Then in Earl May’s succulent section we got a Hen and Chicks.  We just used the Chicks to place along the path.  Finally, a bag of moss from Earl May gives it that perfect pillowy touch.

Earl May has a number of Fairy Houses to pick from.  Each has an opening in the back where you could place a battery operated candle to give it a soft glow.  
Our garden is located right out front in our flower bed.  It does need a regular spritzing of water for the moss and water for the plants.  We haven’t gone through our first rain storm yet, but hoping it is protected enough by the steps and house that it won’t damage the arrangement too much. 
The total cost of the Fairy Garden was about $125, but next year all we will need to replace will be the plants.  We are certainly hopeful that a Fairy will stop by soon for a picnic! 
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