photo courtesy of Ann Voskamp

Continuing my count of one thousand gifts, numbering each one.

53. Tears of grief and so much love
54. Crisp, clean sheets
55. Heavy down comforter pulled up to my chin
56. Sparkling trees in the morning sun
57. My mom’s chicken and dumplings
58. Mother/Daughter time…when I’m the daughter
59. Excellent food whose flavor and aroma just leave you speechless
60. A new broom
61. Vase of daffodils inside while the wind howls outside
62. Tulips from my husband
63. The smell of new carpet
64. Telling the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection to those who haven’t heard it before
65. Having our kids understand that Jesus died to save us
66. Watching Reagan take communion for the first time and knowing that she understands the meaning of it.
67. The giddy laughter an Easter egg hunt brings.

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