I have been following Ann Voskamp on Twitter and reading her blog for some time.  Last year I used her Page-A-Day calendar based on her book for my daily encouragement.  Her book, ONE THOUSAND GIFTS has been on my to-read list for at least a year.  (I know you are thinking, why haven’t you read it yet???)   So, this year, I am determined to read ONE THOUSAND GIFTS and while I am reading it I will be keeping my own list of 1000 gifts.  I think this goes right along with my resolve to be happy, find the good in everything, and appreciate the small moments. I hope this will also inspire you to see God in the big and the small moments of life.

photo courtesy of www.aholyexperience.com by Ann Voskamp

I will try to post here on Sundays with an update to my list for each week.  Or you can always click on the link on the top right side of the blog labeled 1000 Gifts.

1000 GIFTS

1. Quiet house after the kids are back in school
2. Conversation with a 3 year old at Storytime.
3. Watching Reagan play with her baby doll and zhu zhu pets…long forgotten toys…and having a blast.
4. Pat renewing Sirius Radio for the van as a surprise to me.
5. Hearing songs and artists that I haven’t heard in a long time like Jewel and “We Built This City” by Starship.
6. As I am lectoring in church about letting THE LIGHT come in at the start of our worship….the sun comes out and illuminates our church through the stained glass windows.
7. After nearly 8 months…finally having blinds on the windows again.
8. Homemade Cheeseburger Soup
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