Mary, Martha and Jesus

Everyone is busy.  Everyone seems to be in a hurry.  Christmas seems to be one of the busiest times for people, yet it is also the time when we want to slow down and cherish the moments that happen and build memories to last a lifetime.  It is a time that we create traditions and celebrate with family.

In the Book of Luke, Chapter 10, Jesus tells of his visit with sisters, Martha and Mary.  In this story we learn how Martha was busy cooking, cleaning and preparing for Jesus’ visit.  She wanted everything to be perfect for Him.  Martha became frustrated because Mary just sat and listened to what Jesus had to say while Martha was running around.

I am such a Martha.  Whenever we have company coming, I am a crazy person running around picking up the house, making food, trying to make sure everything is just right for our guests.  By the time they arrive, I am exhausted and often times focused on the timing of food, etc.

Christmas is also like this as well.  We rush from store to store to find the best deal, to get the next gift, to get all the groceries, etc.  We burn the candle at both ends getting our house decorated just right, wrapping the presents, and baking all the goodies.  By the time Christmas rolls around, you just want it all to be over.

Jesus wants us to live in the moment, like Mary did.  Stop and enjoy it.  Make hot chocolate. Drive to see all the beautiful Christmas lights. Make a gingerbread house.  Bake cookies. Read books. Watch your favorite Christmas movies together.  It is ok to be a Martha, as long as you are still enjoying the moment like Mary did.

Is there something you can cut out this year?  Rather than making 7 different varieties of cookies, you make multiples of your two favorites.  The process will go much quicker that way.  Maybe you do most or all of your shopping online so you aren’t fighting the crowds and standing in line.

This year, I decided to cut back on my decorating.  I have four, yes four, large tubs of Christmas decorations.  Some are heirlooms or special things that I want to hold on to forever and others were gifts or things I bought for our family.  But, I just decided I didn’t want all the time and effort of putting it out and then in a month, putting it all away.  So, I got out the minimum.  I just put out some of our favorite things, and placed them around the house, so we have a hint of Christmas in each area.  It is enough for us and was one way I felt I could cut back this year.

Not just at Christmas, but anytime that life is hectic…..don’t miss out on life just because you are trying to make it all perfect.  Take the opportunity to enjoy the moments and the people without worry.  Clear your mind and be present with the people you are with.

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