Last week I forgot to post a special photo. 
 We had a double date night with Pat’s sister, Julie and her husband, Bill.  
We had such a fun time visiting and enjoying wine at our local winery, John Ernest Vineyard 
and then a delicious Chinese meal in a neighboring town.
Last week was busy with Bennett’s two football games, a cross-country meet and it was Homecoming! Thank goodness we still had excellent weather!
  Bennett is right in the middle in blue, 
but I love how the kid in black seems to be giving me the thumbs up for this shot!
It was an exciting first game and the boys won 24-16!
Tuesday night, Bennett’s team played a game in the UNI Panthers Dome.  This is such a thrill for these boys and was a great game.  They scored. We scored. Back and forth the whole game.
Bennett #77

Bennett’s #1 Cheerleader – Reagan

Time Out
Pat and Patrick helped with the chain gang.

It was an exciting game, but sadly we lost 40-38. 
I made Bobcat cupcakes for the kids and their friends to enjoy after the pep rally.
Patrick was super excited to perform with the marching band in his first parade.  
He played the Tri-Toms and had a lot of fun marching through town playing the Benton Fight Song!  
So much school spirit!  What a fun pep rally!  As a former cheerleader, I love Homecoming week!

There was even a teacher flash mob! So fun!
The FFA sponsors a Kiss the Pig contest each year.  Teachers are nominated and students donate money towards a certain teacher.  The teacher with the most money has to kiss the pig.  All the money is donated to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.
Mrs. Noettger was such a good sport!
We closed out our week with a lazy Saturday morning.  
We spent some of our Summer Fun money and went bowling 
and then out to dinner at one of our favorite spots, Fazoli’s. 
Fall is here and the kids are anxiously waiting for the field behind our house to be harvested.  Our days and nights on the porch are limited and the fireplace will soon be lit.  But, it truly is my favorite season of the year! 
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