Like I mentioned last week, Bennett won the election for Student Body President.  
Here he is with his campaign poster.
We had our first week of After School JAMS.  JAMS is a program that we started at our church on Wednesdays after school.  Our goal was to reach out to kids in our community and share the love of Jesus with them hoping they will in turn share that love with others.  
JAMS stands for Jesus And Music Service. This week we had 30 kids which is more than ever and there were some kids who couldn’t come.  
We are so thrilled that each year our program is growing and we are reaching out to kids that have never known the love of Jesus.
 Since it was so nice on Wednesday, we took the kids outside for some relay races.  
We had the favorite Egg On Spoon race 
and then the Balloon Between the Legs While Blowing Bubbles race.  The kids had a blast!  

On Thursday night, while doing dishes, I was in awe of the amazing colors in the sky.  It seemed every time I grabbed a new dish, the sky was different.  I had to run out and snap a couple photos. 
 I wasn’t the only one to be amazed with the sunset that night as many friends posted photos as well.  
We truly are blessed with the amazing sunsets we get to see outside our windows.

We have a busy week ahead with 2 football games, a cross-country meet, a no-school day, and it is homecoming week.  There will definitely be lots of pictures to post next week!

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