Do you ever get these in your mail?  Inside your magazines or store fliers?  These fragrance inserts seem to arrive in our mailbox weekly.  What do you do with yours?  I save mine.  Here is what I do with them:

  • Save the really good ones for date night and a way to try out a new scent on yourself
  • Open them and place in your or your husband’s underwear/sock drawer
  • Open them and place in your garbage can to keep it smelling nice
  • Open one and place in a spot in your bathroom, mudroom, garage or other places where it could get smelly
  • Place one in your closet
  • Place one in a spare room before guests arrive if it has been closed up for awhile
  • Place one inside a trunk or chest if it is musty
Of course, if you are sensitive to scents, then this really wouldn’t be an option for you.  These fragrance samples don’t last long once opened, but usually I can still smell them for a few days.  My favorite locations are the garbage can, the mudroom, and dresser drawers.  
What do you do with the fragrance sample sheets that you get?  Do you just rip them open and smell them right away or do you use them somewhere?
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