Last weekend Reagan was helping me organize one of our closets that I keep gifts in.  She spotted a few packages of Polly Pockets that I keep on hand for those last minute birthday invites.  That reminded her that she has Polly Pockets too.  So, I then helped her reorganize her Polly Pocket accessories into these fun Caboodles that I found at an ANTIQUE STORE.  Antique Store???? I know.  I had these when I was a kid and I am definitely NOT an antique.  Anyway, ever since then, the Polly Pockets have had a permanent spot in our living room.  She is picking out Pollys that match certain members of our family and acting out things.  I love that she is playing with them!

So, that is why I decided to post our Day 5 photo of the Pollys.  I bet they are happy to be played with.  It has been months!

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