It seems like there are certain things that always happen in the middle of the night….

1. Thunderstorms – the loud, booming, jump out of bed kind of boomers that wake up your kids and leave you cuddling in closer to your husband.  Can you tell that I don’t like thunderstorms?

2. Smoke Detector Batteries Get Low – That beeping NEVER happens during the day.  It waits until everyone is asleep and then starts the beeping.  There are so many in our house, that you have to stand next to each one before you are sure that it is the one that is beeping.  Why don’t they ever start beeping during the day?????

What else is guaranteed to happen after everyone else is tucked in for the night? 

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  1. Reads, Rants, Raves and Reviews on April 4, 2012 at 2:45 am

    The smoke detector in the KIDS ROOM started beeping low battery in the middle of the night here too! Nothing like getting up on a chair in the dark trying to yank that battery out!

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