During the month of February, I featured games that our family has enjoyed over the years.  I hope that these posts have inspired you to take some time and pull out those old favorites from your childhood to teach to your kids, or maybe add to your family’s collection…even finding some new favorites.  We have certainly had lots of fun over the years playing games with the kids and with friends.  I would love to hear your favorite games as well.  Maybe we will find a new favorite from your list.

To finish off the month, rather than highlighting one more game, I want to list a few no-brainer games that little to get started.  
HANGMAN – All you need is paper/pencil and words/sentences in your head.  This is great for passing time at a restaurant, Dr’s office, or driving in the car.
WAR – Just a regular deck of cards is all that is needed.  This game can go on for hours, so either set a time limit or play it out.  This has been a favorite of our kids and can be played in the car while traveling.
YAHTZEE – Since I played this so much as a kid (a great game for single play), I don’t need the score sheet anymore to keep track.  But, score sheets can be found in stores if needed and found in GOOGLE images as well. Then all you need are 5 dice and you are set.
PICTIONARY- Again, just paper/pencil and your brain to come up with different things to draw and get your partner to guess.  The fun is in the drawing and getting the other person to figure it out and not so much winning or losing.  Who needs the actual game to play it?
The point is to find ways to have fun while working in maybe a little education, strategy, brain work, or creativity.  (The kids won’t even know your ulterior motive.)  You are also teaching valuable social skills.  When I am at school, I can instantly tell who has played games at home and who hasn’t as well as the kids who never lose, because the parents lose on purpose.  The skill of winning and losing well are both greatly important as our children grow and playing games is the earliest way to expose them to that. 

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