During the month of February, I am going to have a new feature titled, FAMILY TIME FEBRUARY.  I plan to feature board games that our family has played over the years and maybe even some from our childhood that we just loved. Even though February is the shortest month of the year, sometimes it can feel like the longest because we are all cooped up due to the cold and snowy weather.  What a perfect time to get down on the floor and play a game with your kids.

Our family LOVES to play boards games.  As as kid growing up, I loved playing board games, but since I didn’t have any siblings at home to play with, I would often set up my dolls and stuffed animals around the board and play against them.  I know….sad…..but I loved to play them so much.  I would get board games as gifts which was pure torture because I would have no one to play them with.  Yes, my mom would play with my sometimes, but not as often as I would have liked, of course.  So, as a parent, I tend to buy a lot of board games for our family and instill that love in our kids as well.

Even though our kids love to play on the iPad or the Wii, they still love to play board games.  One of our favorite games to play is WHOONU.

I like this game because you don’t have to sit around a board, you can sit comfortably in your living room or even in a car and play this game.  This is a game that can be played with people you know or don’t know very well.  The object of the game is to guess out of the four cards in your hand which item the person who is the “Whoonu” during that round, would like best.  So, if I had Roller Coasters, Ebay, Drive-Thru’s, and Spiders on my cards to choose from and my son, Bennett was the “Whoonu”, I would choose Roller Coasters. (Because of those four items that is what he would like best.) Then everyone else would choose a card from their hand as well.  Then Bennett as the “Whoonu” would take all the cards (not knowing who put in what card) and rank them from best to worst.  Then we get coins with points on them according to our ranking.  You keep going around the room until everyone is a “Whoonu”.  The winner is the person with the most points in coins.  Essentially the person who “knows everyone best”.  It is fun to play with people you know as well as you don’t know.  You learn about them either way.  There are always a lot of laughs whenever we play this game.

The game states it is appropriate for 8 years to adult, but our daughter has played for a few years, so it just depends on the abilities of your child.  Unfortunately, this game has been discontinued by the Cranium company.  But it is still available on Ebay or on Amazon HERE.

What is your family’s favorite game to play?  What do you do to pass the time in the winter?

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