The week started with a “SNOW DAY”  The above picture is what happens in our house when there is a snow day.  Kids still in their jammies, each one on a different electronic device, completely happy with another free day at home.
One of the gorgeous sunsets we have had this week.  Apparently there is a “storm” on the sun which is helping us to have these beautiful sunsets and others to be able to see amazing northern lights.  Wish I could see those here!
We took a little trip this weekend to Minnesota. Pat needed to see some clients so the kids and I went along too and spent our entire Saturday at the Mall of America.  Nine hours of shopping and walking around with the kids and I actually had a blast!  🙂
We were even able to get in a little education while at the Mall of America.  There was an American Citizenship ceremony going on in the center of the mall.  The Judge told how 40 years ago he came to America with a dream, showed his own immigration papers, and is now giving others their own citizenship. I thought that was pretty amazing! I jumped on the opportunity to talk to our kids about how lucky we are to live in America.  During the ceremony they played this video with scenes of our beautiful country along with photos from other citizenship ceremonies while playing Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA”.  It was very moving.  Then each of the people in the chairs walked up to the stage and stated their name and country and received their certificate.  We heard people from Kenya, Mexico, and Israel, just to name a few.  I had tears in my eyes and am so glad I was able to share that with our children.  
Reagan and Lady
We checked out the Disney Store, which they have changed and moved to a new location since this summer.  It is now very high-tech with projectors all over the store showing different Disney related images in places you wouldn’t expect.  It was fun just looking around.  Reagan used to LOVE going to the Disney store, but this time, I realized she is no longer my little princess girl.  She really wasn’t interested in all the princess stuff anymore and I got a little misty realizing she is growing up….tooo fast.  
We spent a lot of time here.  Even Reagan spent some of her birthday money getting another Lego Friends set to go with her Cafe that she got for her birthday.  I hope the kids never grow too old for Legos!  We also got one of the new Super Heroes sets for the boys…and their dad!
A LOT of time and money was spent here!  The boys could have spent all day in here, but a mom does have her limits!  We left with 3 jerseys and some Fatheads.  
We spent a bit of time in the new Microsoft store.  Reagan had no trouble getting right on a computer and playing computer games!
At the Best Buy store, the kids had fun watching one of the 3D TVs.  I can’t imagine having to wear glasses every time I watched TV.  Reagan kept reaching out thinking she could touch the things that were flying in front of her.  3D TV just isn’t for me.  
The kids talked us into some rides at the Nickelodeon Universe.  The Pepsi roller coaster ride must not have been too scary for Patrick as you can see in the above photo! After the ride, Reagan said, “Mom, I almost peed my pants on that ride!”  I guess it was a little scary for her!
Of course, no hotel stay is complete without pool time! This weekend was the perfect little refresher and was full of great family time!  I’m ready to begin another busy week!
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