Do you have a Scrabble lover in your family?  When I saw this gift idea to make a personalized Scrabble board HERE I knew this was going to be my gift for our Jones Family Christmas.  My mom and her sisters and their kids and grandkids get together every year to celebrate Christmas.  There can be anywhere from 50-65 of us depending on who can attend.  The adults participate in a gift exchange where you draw numbers and then you can open a new gift or steal an already opened gift from someone.  Some years it has gotten pretty exciting with all the stealing of gifts that takes place.  When I saw the Scrabble Board idea, I knew it was perfect for our family, because Scrabble playing is in our heritage.  I play it, my mom and her sisters all play it and her parents and grandparents played it and several of us cousins play it as well.

I used my Grandpa and Grandma’s names on the board and then added a photo of my mom and her four sisters standing in front of the house they grew up in. I super glued the scrabble tiles to the board and mod podged the photo to the board.  I then just super glued the scrabble board to some 12″ square scrapbook paper.  Finding the frame took some trial and error.  I originally bought a square frame, but it wasn’t deep enough to fit the board and tiles.  So, I had to get a shadowbox frame.  I got the kind that has different depth levels so you can fit it to your specific depth.  Both the frame and paper came from Michael’s.  The Scrabble Me game I found on Amazon.  It works great because the boards are about 7″ square rather than a regular Scrabble board size. 



My Aunt Kathy was the lucky receiver of the gift and I was happy that one of the sisters got it. 

Then, since I had leftover tiles, I decided to make some ornaments.  I saw the idea for the Scrabble Ornaments HERE.  I layed out all the letters I had left and made ornaments with some last names as well and Christmas words.

Pat cut the trays to fit the letters for me so I had more than four trays.  I just super glued the tiles and the ribbon behind the tiles.  Really, for a non-crafty person, this was super easy!  These are the perfect ornament for your Scrabble Geek!


If you are looking for another scrabble tile ornament idea, check out Mostcraft for this fun idea:

Mostcraft Scrabble Tile Ornament

You can purchase Scrabble tiles by clicking the photo below:

100 Pieces

500 Pieces

If you don’t have your own Scrabble game, you can get yours below:

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  1. MamaZuzi on August 8, 2013 at 8:55 pm

    Cute stuff. We love all things scrabble in our house. I have actually had people requesting my photography turned into gifts using scrabble tiles in my etsy shop. You can check it out here if you are interested:

    Keep playing Scrabble!

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