The boys had their annual Christmas program at school.  Since the 6th graders move on to Middle School next year, they get to be the “stars” of the show.  The 3rd – 5th graders provide the music while the 6th graders perform the play.  Bennett is a 5th grader and played in band and sang.  Patrick, the 6th grader played in band, accompanied one song on the drums, played the part of Santa and sang a solo.  The whole group did an awesome job and gave us lots of laughs!
The boys also had their last 5/6 basketball game of the season.  So, I took some final photos from that as well. 

Our 2 percussionists at their school Christmas program.
Patrick rockin’ the drums!
Patrick as Santa in the program.
Patrick ready for the ball.

Bennett on defense.

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