November is the time to count our many blessings – name them one by one.

I want to look at each day and name at least one blessing from that day. Something that happened or affected me on that day and not just in general. It can be so easy to igore those little blessings in our day, but sometimes it is the little blessings that can make the biggest impact.

November 28 – Thankful for Our Piano
I took piano lessons my whole childhood and have continued to play off and on as an adult.  Due to some stiffness and pain in my fingers I took some time away from it.  But, I am currently practicing again to play for our choir at our Christmas Eve service.  I forgot how much I enjoy it and how much it can relax me.  It is a talent I have been given and I definately need to play more.  Both the boys are taking lessons and are quite talented as well.  It brings such joy to hear them playing and knowing I am carrying on this tradition with them.  I know how anxious Reagan is to start playing as well.  She loves to sit at the piano and plunk out some songs. 

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